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i’m going to fucking kill the person who lives next to me

He kept making her feel like it was safe to smile.

a date and an almost kiss

hearts in my eyes for writing alice as hating her job/the order 99% of the time :*

NOOOOO i have to wait until this friday when i get paid to buy it on dvd :(

:((( i haven’t seen it yet so i don’t feel comfortable buying it on dvd until i’ve seen it tbh and i’ve literally waited since i saw the first trailer like a year and a half ago :(((( but yay for you buying it!!!

i just want to watch domhnall gleeson in a qt movie bUT I CAN’T BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE FUCKING HBO GO

(my friend watched it on hbo go and is now lording it over me bc he is a dick)


Scary…When we talk, he turns it into a girl talk.

i am the worst at making app images 



look i know whats happening in scotland right now isn’t america-centric and hasn’t yet gotten to a critical stage, but please spread everything you see. glasgow is currently in the grasp of unionists, orangemen and the edl if reports are to be believed, and yes voters are starting to become legitimate targates! especially if you are a religious or racial minority or are celtic affiliated/live in a celtic area*

followers & friends in glasgow, west lothian and other affiliated areas please stay safe in the coming days, we don’t know how bad it’ll get

please spread this because by getting it enough attention we can force westminster to act and put a stop to this before it begins. explanation about asterisk regarding rangers/celtic wrt gang violence below the cut if you’re interested

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